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The Rancho El Volteadero offers executive-style lodging accommodations, second to none in Mexico. Upon driving up into the main lodge, you will realize the meticulous nature El Volteadero has gone to provide a first-class hunting experience, and you will disappear into the richness of Mexico with today’s amenities available.

Main Lodge at Hunting Ranch

The Main Lodge comprises 4 King Bedrooms and 2 Double Queen Bedrooms, each with baths. Beautiful Mexican tile leads you throughout the lodge, focused on events and large groups. Grand-style living areas and dining areas to accommodate over 20 people at a time. First-class Kitchen with all upgraded appliances. The bar and wine cellar complement that large gaming area where you can enjoy playing pool and other games.

El Volteadero-21.JPG

Second Home for Hunting Business

The Secondary Home takes a backseat to nothing. With 2 King Bedrooms and 6 Double Queen Bedrooms, all with their bath, the home has been constructed with the same detail and care as the Main Lodge. The dining area, separate bar area, and living area bring all the comfort needed for corporate hunting or corporate events.


In between both the Lodge and Home is the leading outside Kitchen. This Kitchen has prepared meals for thousands of guests over the years. Open flame fire court, prep areas, cold storage, etc...all lend themselves to various variable cooking styles. They range from Executive 5-course meals to the “to-go” breakfasts and brunches to get you back to the thrill of the hunt. The outside fire pit and gathering areas create an atmosphere for conversations and memories to last a lifetime.

Facilities in Recreational Property

Across the rest of the compound are everything needed for ongoing hunting operations. Employee housing, fuel shops and stations, storage sheds, barns, and shops for feed. Conditioned nursery. Large solar and battery storage for electricity with a backup generator is available—small breeder pens for young game.


Set up to Start Livestock Operation

With 50 miles of perimeter and interior cattle fencing, the ranch lends itself to livestock operations. In addition, there are approximately 5,000 acres of 8’ High Game Fence area complete with multiple entry locations and 16 breeding pens with storage.

Excellent Water Resources at the Ranch

Water is one of the most precious commodities in the Sonora Dessert, and the El Volteadero distinguishes itself from all other hunting ranches with its richness of water. The Main well with an electric system produces 237gpm, with the second well-producing 16gpm. The ranch has almost 20 miles of underground primary and secondary water lines running to various locations. This would allow for additional agricultural operations.


Hundreds of miles of interior roads lead you through the ranch.

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