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Hunting Business

Rancho El Volteadero is being offered as a "TURN-KEY" ranch and Hunting Business. Secluded high in the Sonoran mountains of Mexico, El Volteadero encompasses over 24,000 acres and offers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to hunt world-class big game, as well as some of the finest dove hunting south of the border. You'll enjoy the freshest Mexican food, grilled to perfection by our chef, and treated to seaside refreshments at a quaint cantina just down the mountain.

Financials can be provided to qualified bidders

Thousands of Acreage For a Once In a Lifetime Hunting Experience

Private groups will have all meals and drinks provided at the lodge and enjoy brilliant sunsets over the Sonoran Mountains. El Volteadero can accommodate groups of up to 20. Room options include single Queen/King bedrooms and en-suite bathrooms. Satellite television is available in the main house, and wifi is accessible at the lodges.


Located in the rugged wilderness of the Sonora Desert, El Volteadero stands as a testament to nature's grandeur and the epitome of a hunter's paradise. Spanning an expansive 24,000± acres, this exceptional hunting ranch outside Hermosillo, Mexico, offers a unique blend of conservation and adventure. Boasting a highly intensely maintained Mule deer and Desert Ram breeding facility, complete with secure pens, this ranch spans 5,000± acres of high game fence, ensuring the preservation and proliferation of these magnificent species. The remaining acres unfold into a vast 20,000± acres of free-range territory, allowing nature enthusiasts to witness the raw beauty of these creatures in their natural habitat.

There are an additional 100,000± acres of both free-range and high-fenced areas available for lease.


World-Class Hunting in Northern Mexico

What sets El Volteadero apart is its reputation as a world-class hunting destination. This haven attracts avid hunters from across the globe, drawn by the opportunity to pursue record-breaking Mule deer and Desert Ram trophies. The thrill of the chase is complemented by the stunning backdrop of the Sonora Desert, creating an unforgettable experience for hunters and wildlife enthusiasts alike. Beyond the thrill of the hunt, the ranch offers a unique chance for individuals to immerse themselves in the natural rhythms of this arid landscape, fostering a deep appreciation for the delicate balance between humanity and the wilderness. El Volteadero is not just a hunting ranch; it's a sanctuary where the spirit of adventure meets the essence of conservation, making it a truly exceptional investment for those who seek both exhilaration and environmental stewardship in their pursuits.

Stated there is no more exclusive, free-range hunting experience for two of the world's most coveted trophy animals than that which El Volteadero offers. Ensconced deep in the Sonoran Mountains after a short commute from Hermosillo, El Volteadero Lodge provides the safe basecamp for chasing one of the world's most prized game animals: giant desert bighorn sheep. The same mountain folds also hide truly world-class (220-inch-plus) mule deer.

Trophy Animals in the Ranch

Mule Deer, Javelina, Desert Ram, Turkey, and Dove

See daily 165+ score desert ram and free-range hunt historical mule deer size average (220-inch-plus) with historical scores in the 280+! Just recently doing dove hunts, they are seeding and prepping for a big dove season.

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