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Area Information

Hermosillo is the largest city, capital, and economic hub for the state of Sonora in northern Mexico. A dynamic and modern city that has preserved its culture and traditions, Hermosillo offers so much for businesses, tourists, and its residents.


Its strategic location near the United States border makes it accessible to attract businesses to continue to grow its economy. Its diverse economy includes manufacturing, agriculture, and services. It is best known for its automotive and aerospace industries and is home to several industrial parks


Natural Beauty & Recreation

This desertic city is surrounded by natural beauty with the Cerro de la Campana, a hill providing panoramic views of the city. It is also conveniently located near the Sea of Cortez, which is a popular destination for water sports and recreation. Whether you're looking for outdoor adventures in the desert or the beach - Hermosillo gives you access to both.


Hermosillo's food scene reflects the culinary traditions in the region. It's famous for dishes like carne asada (grilled beef), tacos de cabeza (head meat tacos), and various seafood dishes.


Culture & Landmarks

The city hosts various festivals and events throughout the year, including the Fiesta de la Cultura Yaqui, a celebration of the indigenous Yaqui culture, and the Pitic Festival, which features music, art, and theater. Some of its main tourist and historical landmarks are also a representation of the area's culture and history: Metropolitan Cathedral, the Government Palace, the Plaza Zaragoza, and Museo de Sonora.

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